Anyone who was born before 1950, or are diehard baseball fans born after 1990 know what pepper is. For the other six billion people on the planet, it’s a quick warmup game used by ballplayers. And thus, it’s also the name of my daily tidbits of philosophy. Today’s morsel:

Yesterday on television, these two program were listed on consecutive channels:

Half-ton Woman
Deep Fried Paradise


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Oakley Gascan Review

So my pair of crystal black gascans finally got here. (all of you unfortunate enough not to know know about Oakleys, it’s like sunglasses and awesome got pregnant and had a child prodigy). So explain this shipping to me. The glasses began in Southern Cali. They then flew to Washington. Problem here? I live in Oregon. So instead of going from California straight here to Oregon, they flew over me, sat in Washington, were held up in Portland, then took another week to get here. But they’re finally here so all is well. Anyway so they ran me $100 from Free shipping, believe it or not. Went with the crystal black model. White is way overpopular and matte black blends in. So I’m splitting the difference, which is what intelligent people do. They came with a microfiber bag, and intstructions to clean the glasses with the bag only. Ah, so only clean the Oakleys with this particular microfiber bag which is identical to the 5000 other microfiber cloths I have. Makes sense.

The crystal black looks very nice. Slightly transparent in the hand but darkens to a reflective black on the face. I wear a 7 1/2 hat and they fit very well. No pressure from the stems but the feel is snug. The black iridium lenses are perfect for normal light conditions, but not extreme direct sunlight. So they’re no good for you guys who like to go camping in Death Valley. There goes a big consumer group.

I’d recommend these sunglasses strongly. Very good price point for Oakleys, classic look and solid feel. So just buy them.

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The View (not the dumb one)

Everyone has a blog today, right? It’s true, even if some people really really shouldn’t. Like Fred on YouTube. I can’t even call him gay because that would be horridly demeaning to homosexuals. But anyway, I figure, why not. I’ll share my oh so fascinating life with the bloggers out there. So I’ll talk about whatever I feel like talking about, post reviews of stuff I buy. Pretty much a normal blog. Besides my awesome sense of sarcastic humor. I swear I wasn’t born this sarcastic. And that wasn’t sarcasm. So look forward to more enlightenment. I’d make a clever comment about Yankee fans here, but really no insult covers them completley. So I’ll just leave you with this: I think, therefore I am. Therefore, people who don’t think, aren’t.

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